Google is using artificial intelligence to combat the global chip shortage 🤨

Friday, 11th June 2021 by Gotrade

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TGIF! Before we end off the week, let’s take a look at what some companies are doing about the global chip shortage.

Apple (AAPL) decided to build its own chip lab in Germany. Google (GOOG) on the other hand, decided to get a bit more creative and use artificial intelligence (AI) to design their chips.

What does this mean exactly? It usually takes humans months to design a new chip. Google will be able to do it in less than six hours using artificial intelligence! Amazing!

Facebook’s (FB) Chief AI Scientist, Yann LeCun, posted on Twitter (TWTR), that the research was “very nice work.

Why is this important? This breakthrough was said to be an “important achievement” that will “be a huge help in speeding up the supply chain.” Ultimately this means that companies are becoming more self-sufficient by designing and producing their chips inhouse. This would mean less reliance on chip manufacturers in the long-run. This is great news for the companies who are able to do it successfully, but not so great news for chip manufacturers!

📈 Microsoft is developing streaming devices for its subscription-based gaming service 🎮

Microsoft (MSFT) thinks that the future of gaming will be a subscription-based model where people pay a flat fee each month to get access to a gaming database. Sort of a “Netflix for games.” This is exactly what their Xbox Cloud Gaming offers. They are developing streaming devices that users can plug into their TV or computer monitor to stream games from the cloud. Cool!

Shares of Microsoft closed up 1.44% yesterday, at $257.24.

📈 Tesla begins delivery of its new Model S Plaid 🚗

Tesla (TSLA) held a delivery event for its new Model S Plaid at its factory in Fremont yesterday. According to its CEO Elon Musk, this is the “quickest production car ever made.” Tesla will deliver the first 25 cars now and production will ramp up to a thousand cars per week next quarter. You can watch the event here.

Shares of Tesla closed 1.89% higher yesterday, at $610.12.

Top movers & shakers 🎢

What else is making headline news 📰

  1. Podcast by Tech in Asia: Gojek and Tokopedia’s merger.

  2. Elon Musk had the most Elon Musk response to Anonymous' cryptocurrency 'warning.'

  3. Zoom (ZM) and Salesforce (CRM) make a quick $23 million profit after the IPO of Israeli software vendor

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